Nah Ma Stay


Namaste and welcome to my page. Allow me, the author of this site to take you on a soulful journey of how I went from a non-believer to progressively and ever so slowly becoming a practitioner of metaphysics. First, what does “Namaste” mean, where did the term come from, and why am I, the author, using the term in the first place?

There is one but simple answer; according to the Oxford dictionary Namaste is a Hindi term derived from Sanskrit that literally means ‘bowing to you’. It is usually given as a greeting and departing salutation. It can be used in everyday comings and goings as well as in a more formal manner. It is often but, not always, accompanied with the hands pressed together, palm to palm, in a prayer gesture. This gesture is formally called Anjali mudra.

Now, as to why I am using this term. One, it is my way of telling you, the reader, thank you for choosing to view my page over the quite literal hundreds of millions of other pages. We all have busy lives and for you to stop by and read, even up to this point, is a miracle. Two, it’s kinda pointless to have a site and not welcome people to it. It’s also a little rude if you don’t welcome people. Three, and this should be obvious, it goes with the theme of the site.